Military Facts That Cannot be Exposed

The military is one of the most important branches of government in the world as well as being the most secretive, but sometimes, those secrets get out. Here are most of the secrets the military doesn’t want you to know.

Bedroom Rules
When you enlist in the United States Navy, any sexual position outside of the missionary position is illegal. Why? it is one of the original rules that were implemented when especially in the days of don’t ask, don’t tell. There was a theory that this law was also created to combat the homosexual lifestyle. Granted, this law is enforced anymore about sailors will make sure their doors are locked during coitus.

Zombie Plan
We enjoy watching zombies and television shows and movies, blissfully thinking that the zombie apocalypse is merely a plot element in fiction. However, it has been discovered that the Pentagon has a protocol should zombies ever become non-fiction. But we can breathe easy that there is actually a zombie plan, it’s also terrifying because zombies could one day be real. The military is classified zombies as non-human and non animal and they have categorized zombies into eight different categories.

Lack of Rights
Joining the military is one of the most heroic actions and you are often admired for serving your country. But what many don’t know is that once you sign your life away to the military, you lose some pretty important rights. Like the First Amendment. If you’re guilty of a crime, you don’t have the right to a lawyer because the military has its own court. If you commit a crime outside of your base like crawling in a bar, you can be arrested by the police and then must answer to your commander.

Besides the conspiracy theories that accused the military of poisoning us through chem. trails and pesticides, there have been actual poisonings. For example, during Prohibition, the government was trying to figure out away to get people to stop breaking the law by consuming alcohol. So they snuck in a substance called methyl alcohol into the booze at the time so that people would get sick and therefore shun the action of drinking.

Pakistani Army
The United States relationship with the Middle East is well known to be turbulent. But their relationship with Pakistan is rather interesting. Intelligence officials from Pakistan in the US military have been working together to create a Pakistani army through the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency. The army gets part of its funding and training from the US. The Army has even help the US bring down the terrorist group Al-Qaida.

John Lennon
During the Vietnam War, Beatles member John Lennon was very vocal about his opposition to the concept of war. And release several songs expressing the disdain along with promoting peace. The FBI became concerned that Lennon would try to be more disruptive when it came to politics and warfare so they started monitoring him. When the 1972 Republican National Convention came around, Lennon was monitored even heavier because it was thought that he was going to stage a protest which ended up not happening.

Wright Patterson Air Force Base
Even though area  has taken the fame for being the military base that studies aliens, there is another base that played a bigger role in UFO’s research. Located near Dayton, Ohio, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, there is Hangar-18  which is believed to be where flying saucers an alien bodies are stored for research. When the men in black phenomenon is occurring in the 1960’s and 1970’s, military personnel from Wright Patterson with a main parties conducting interviews and collecting evidence.

Because most soldiers and military personnel sign their rights away, they can become the subject of secret experiments and not even realize it. For example, many subjects in the CIA’s project MK-ULTRA experiments didn’t even realize that they were being exposed to drugs, hallucinogens and other chemicals to test out the use of mind control. It may seem like a piece of science fiction but it’s all very real and based on fact.

Grand Central Terminal
Nine floors below New York City’s grand central terminal, lies a top-secret military bunker that was used to transport soldiers during the war. The bunker is known as m and during World War II the entrance to the bunker was protected by armed guards were ordered to shoot anyone who came into the area. If you ask employees or any military person today about the bunker, they will most likely play dumb and pretend to not know what you’re talking about.